Radio Inflorescence is a bi-monthly program that will be broadcasted during Ximena Garrido Lecca’s exhibition Inflorescence at Portikus. It is comprised of a series of commissioned programs, material from various sound archives and shows developed in collaboration with Frankfurt-based radios. The program can be experienced on site as well as online.


03.02.2023, 14–18h, with Julio Lugón, Daniela Solís, Jorge García Manzano in collaboration with Íñigo Malvido, and other archival material.


27.01.2023, 14–18h with RadioX (live)

13.01.2023, 14–18h, Nabil Yanai Salazar, Colectivo Amasijo in conversation with Angélica Palma, and other archival material

06.01.2023, 14–18h, with EOS Radio (live)

23.12.2022, 14–18h, with Luis Alvarado

16.12.2022, 14–18h, with RadioX (live)

02.12.2022, 14–18h, with Alfredo Bojorquez (podcast) and other archive material

25.11.2022, 14–18h, with EOSRadio (live)